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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Our Weeks- How we do this

I should tell you how we do things in case you get confused by a mistake on my posts. For example this AM I posted under Dino Theme Box, "Yellow fabric for our blanket (to represent the sun)"...well you might have noticed there was no yellow fabric! OOPS!

Here's why that happened. I plan and we carry out our weeks TWO WEEKS before I actually post them to my blog. So the week while Dinos was being typed up, I was finishing Power/Energy Week and working Farm Week. LOL Confusing huh? Well, not for me.
So While I was finishing up my drafts for Dino Week I was starting drafts for Energy Week. And I slipped in the wrong fabric type.

Let me just say that I only draft blogs 2 weeks in advance with school stuff though. The reason blog this way with school stuff is that I want to stay on top of things and if I do daily blogging as it's going on, I won't or it'll cause my to be super mega stressed and I don't want blogging to be about that for me. I do happen to blog daily or nearly daily just random other stuff. None of that is drafted.

So, if you're reading this and you see a mistake LET ME KNOW! I don't always go back and read my stuff once it's posted. Today was a fluke. ;)

THEME/SCHOOL BOX- Our planned curriculum for the week
CRAFTivities -A photo walk through of our week
BOOK TREE- Our picks from the local library
FIELD TRIP- Theme related outings in Orange County, CA
COOKIE CUTTER LUNCH- Themed lunch using cookie cutters


Gabriele said...

LOL, you know...I have been kinda wondering why you were posting about Dino's when you told me you were gonna be working on Energy last week, lol!! I was SO confused :) I figured your DS was like Cheeky and just changed his mind about what he wanted to learn, lol!!!

pucktricks said...

I do the same thing of scheduling my school related posts for a week ahead, so I understand.

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