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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Theme Box- Dinosaurs

Our weekly planned curriculum
*I post 2 weeks after we have completed the week*

Stuffed Dinos
Growing Dino
Build A Dino
Dino fabric for our blanket
Print outs & coloring pages here, here and here

Gallon CRAFT Baggies
Each baggie contains a prepped craft & all/most of the elements needed to complete it. I let Zorro Choose the craft by showing him a hand drawn photo of the craft and explaining what we do (paint, cut, glue, etc..). We don't plan on getting to all of the crafts. The left over crafts are preped and ready for any other time we wish to use them.

This Box:
Clothes Pen Dino
Shape O Saurus
Dino Tracks
Parts of Dino
Stuffed Dino
Dino Egg
Dino stickers

A note with the rest of the activities:

Scripture Repeating: LETTER D
Sensory Tub: Dino Bone Dig
Library: Find 5 or 6 books at local library relating to theme
Book Picnic
Field Trip: Prehistoric Park, Prehistoric pets, La Brea Tar Pits
"Cookie Cutter Lunch": Dino cutter tree out of fruit or veggies

Squeeze in if time provides/additional activities:
Themed snacks: Jello with Gummy Dinos
Music (this should be weekly but I'm not quite there yet) ABC song with our instruments and other fun songs.
Dino egg hunt with Easter eggs


Christy said...

I love the way you set these up. Great job. Your little guy must have so much fun with this.

pucktricks said...

So clipping this for when we study dinosaurs.

Eva said...

wow this is great! this is something I want to start but I'm a little bit all over the place right now.. I look forward to reading more on your blog!

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