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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Field Trip - Prehistoric Pets

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There's this really cool reptile store in Huntington Beach called Prehistoric Pets. We've been a few times before. They have TONS of snakes and lizards and other animals. Some are for sale and others are for viewing only. The price if free to get in but they ask for donation. I believe that they may be charging entrance fee for the "reptile zoo" soon though. At any rate it's worth at least one visit. Some of the snakes are MONSTROUS like hundreds of pounds! Totally cool.
You can also feed worms tot eh turtles and fish in the open pond that cost about $3 but really it's worth it for the fun.
Zorro loved it and oohed and ahhed and yelled and ran around the whole place 10 times over.
OH and did I mention you can have parties there? Or they can come to your place too!

Ya, you see those snakes?

PS You wanna buy a snakey? $500-50,000 (about)...what a STEAL!


Christy said...

Looks cool. And, no I don't want a snake. I wouldn't even want one if it was free.

pucktricks said...

Oh what an incredibly cool place to visit. I need to find out if we have a reptile farm around here.

Miller Moments said...

We have a place like that near us too. Right now I can't get the courage to go with my boys, although I know they would love it. I can't handle things that slither! Maybe Dad should take them.... :)

mom2three said...

Oh my boys would love that place...I could do without the snakes!

Alicia said...

Oh my goodness my boys would go crazy there!! i can't wait to go there!!!

逆円助 said...


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