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Wednesday, June 3, 2009


"This is for your Bday AND Christmas, OH! and I wrapped it in Christmas paper too."

Imagine hearing that every year over and over again on your Bday. Why would one here that you ask? Because you're Bday is just a few short days before Christmas. That's why.

Apparently etiquette and tact can go right out the window if you're born in December. As Adults we should know better, as kids on their Bday that's soul crushing! OK maybe not THAT traumatic but then again maybe it is.


Little Johnny is your BFF and every year you go to an awesome Bday party where his parents go all out in June to give him to most rickin Bday parties. You go every year and bring him gifts, and have a great time...but then you think...

Why don't i get a rockin Bday party every year with all my friends? So you ask your mom... "well dear, it's because everyone is out of town on Christmas Vacation when it's your Bday." "oh"

Christmas comes, most of your friends are out of town and most forgot your Bday. You exchanged Christmas gifts with some of your friends though... AND you do have SOME friends that remembered! Only they showed up with a present wrapped in Christmas paper and said, "This is for your Bday AND Christmas, OH! and I wrapped it in Christmas paper too"


And you think, "Ya, Merry friggin Bday to me..."

SO ok, MAYBE you wouldn't be that bitter... What if your whole family opened up Christmas gifts on your bday? Then would you?


OK in all seriousness, however bad it is for December Bdays, I wouldn't know. I was born in August, but I can imagine.

And yes this IS going somewhere as if the title didn't give it away....


Anonymous said...

My BIL's birthday is December 25, but he claims that it's OK. He might not have all his friends around, but at least his family always had this reason to be together on Christmas day and celebrate his birthday. My July-born husband says that he was always jealous of his older brother during Christmas season - because Frank was getting twice as many presents or better presents. So I suppose there is a silver lining behind it. On the other hand, my husband always complains about my early December birthday as well, because according to him it's hard to shop for me and he has to find two good ideas in a very short time :)

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