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Saturday, June 6, 2009

My Kisses- Better Than Ice Cream

Leaving, I asked Zorro, "Will you give mommy a kiss?"

He leans in for a kiss, stops short, then throws his head back saying, "NO! I want ICE CREAM!"

He says "ice cream" in an upbeat, hopeful manner with a wry little smile. His head is still leaned back as he's looking in my eyes.

I'm tempted. That face ALMOST got me to give him ice cream, but I WANT MY KISS!

I tell him,"Mommy's kisses are BETTER than ice cream."

He ponders this for a few seconds.

I'm sure I lost out to the ice cream.


He leans in and puckers up.


I grab his sweet little face on both cheeks and kiss him smack on the lips, Zorro style.

Then I ask him," So is mommy's kiss better than ice cream?"

"BETTER than ice cream!" he exclaims,

I melt...

Like ice cream


Keri said...

that is too sweet!! what a cute moment! :)

Alicia said...

so cute! dang girl...better than ice cream! i might just have to kiss you!! haha!!!!

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