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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Weekly Theme Box- Energy/Power

Our weekly planned curriculum

Flash light
Glow sticks
Pin wheels
Solar Beads
Sun catchers
Yellow fabric for our blanket (to represent sun)
Print outs & coloring pages light bulb, windmill coloring page, Sun coloring page

Gallon CRAFT Baggies
Each baggie contains a prepped craft & all/most of the elements needed to complete it. I let Zorro Choose the craft by showing him a hand drawn photo of the craft and explaining what we do (paint, cut, glue, etc..). We don't plan on getting to all of the crafts. The left over crafts are preped and ready for any other time we wish to use them.

This Box:
1. Solar or Glow in Dark Beads -How they work, Beading necklaces and bracelets to wear outside
2. Windmill Craft
3. Sun Hand Craft
4. Collage of electric things cut from magazines
5. Balloon Experiment - static electricity with hair
6. Make pretend solar panels from cardboard & foil to put on playhouse
7. Pin Wheels in foam blocks OUTSIDE wind and inside just for fun

A note with the rest of the activities:

Scripture Repeating: Zechariah 4:6 (New American Standard Bible) "Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit" LETTER E
Sensory Tub: Insect Hide and Seek
Book Picnic
Field Trip: Windmill Tour, Virtual Energy Tour
"Cookie Cutter Lunch": Stars & Suns...maybe windmills and light bulbs
Books from the local library relating to theme

Squeeze in if time provides/additional activities:
Themed snacks
Music (this should be weekly but I'm not quite there yet) ABC song with our instruments and other fun songs.
UV Blocking Experiment
Walk around house and when other places point out different kids of power being used
Activity Book - older kids

Energy experaments - older kids
Make solar Oven

THEME/SCHOOL BOX- Our planned curriculum for the week
CRAFTivities -A photo walk through of our week
BOOK TREE- Our picks from the local library
FIELD TRIP- Theme related outings in Orange County, CA
COOKIE CUTTER LUNCH- Themed lunch using cookie cutters


DairyQueen said...

whew, you are super organized! I need to do some craft bags. I think if I sat down and assembled, I'd be better at actually doing them!

I love your topic this week. I hadn't thought of doing that!

Keri said...

i REALLY am impressed with your theme boxes... i have a question for ya... how do you choose the curriculum? i know you are going in ABC order, but what made you decide to do energy? i think its SO cool that you thought of something super scientific (i would have picked something silly like eggs!) i am starting ABCs with my little one in the next month or two and i am DEFINITELY using your site as a resource!
BTW i hope you are feeling better!

Orange Juice said...


It only takes me about an hour or less after I have gathered materials and decided on everything to assemble the craft bags. We still don't do everything but it's ok because I have a stash of ready made crafts for ANYTIME. It works out.

Orange Juice said...


I just make em up. ACTUALLY Energy was my husband and BOY did I feel like I bit off more than I could chew. It's a pretty abstract theme for a 2 year old. It took a lot to find things that he could relate to and possibly even understand. There's not much by way of resources for "energy" at Toddler level. I had to do some seriously thinking.

We enjoyed the week in the end but Egg would have been WAAAAAAAAAAY easier, I actually thought I should have gone with Elephant. LOL

Orange Juice said...

PS I love your ideas and resources! You've got a really creative mind, I love what you do.

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