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Tuesday, June 9, 2009


As in I am super sick. UGH! Really, I am BAD. I have 4 different "itises" goin on plus a sick DH and LO. Luckily (or maybe unluckily) I have it the worst.

Because of this we've had to slow life down a bit the last few days and I believe we will be doing that for the next few weeks as well.

ALSO because if this slow down and the fact that I am re-doing how I post, you will notice a few changes.

I have eliminated the BOOK TREE and COOKIE CUTTER LUNCHES. I am also going to be posting our crafts and activities as individual posts rather than as a whole large post at the beginning of the week.

So you will see a bit of a change and some CRAFTivities that we have done before. STAY with me. I'm working out some kinks and using my down time to do it.

DON'T WORRY though! And KEEP reading! We have some fun new stuff that I will be posting AND I will also be doing a post on Skin Analysis then next up in skin care is PRODUCT!!!


Christy said...

Oh no, I hope you and your dh and son feel better soon. I know what you would rather have the worst of something than see your lo suffer, but it is so hard to be a sick mommy.

pucktricks said...

poor girl. We were all sick last week. It's no fun. Get better soon.

Keri said...

well you are a nice blogger to inform us of your changes!! how do you keep up with blogging???? i am finding that i am just getting behind in my posts and it is quite unmotivating. BTW i love the CRAFTivities- that title is SO clever!!

Alicia said...

Boo! I hate when the whole family gets sick! Mom's the only one who doesn't get to mope around on the couch in her jammies! feel better soon!!

Miller Moments said...

Hope you are feeling better! Can't wait to see your CRAFTivities.

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