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Thursday, June 4, 2009


My Dad was born on Christmas Eve and Zorro was born 2 weeks before Christmas. I DID see my dad get the Bday shaft and I thought it SUCKED! We all deserve a special day!

I know when I found out I was due with Zorro in December that I would MOST DEFINITELY celebrate at half Bday.

Here's my plan. Every year on his actual Bday we do a family celebration..Dinner, Cake, etc just informal gathering. Every Half Bday would be the PARTAY! Z's a little too young yet for a big celebration, BUT I can still have a fun family Bday.

This year (that is, next Sat the 13th) we are going to try to get together with some local fam or maybe a just a friend or 2 of his and have FUN!

I bought Zorro a couple of learning games to add to our school days. I am so excited to give those to him!!!

PS If you are interested in sending a gift to our poor deprived December Baby (HA HA HA), you can check out our Amazon Wish List. The link is at the bottom of the blog. He can sure use some more school stuff. ;)


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