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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

CRAFTivities- Name Matching & Writing

Zorro is hardly interested in learning the letters. I am just BARELY getting him to sing the ABC Song.
I have to get REALLY creative to get him to play games etc that have letters or obvious letter recognition without him checking out in two seconds or less.

 Here's what he DOES love and what we do weekly:
He loves the Alphabet Train Puzzle by Melissa and Doug.
And is always a winner!
He also loves this bottle top letter game from 1+1+1=1

So last week when we were learning about ourselves and our names, I attempted this activity with Zorro, very uncertain of how he would respond. I mixed a couple of skills in there with something he LIKES to do (Matching) so it was more like a game to him. To my surprise he lasted until we were through with the activity.

Here's what we did:
*This is only an example this his screen name, not the real one*

First I just wrote his name out. I used a plate because that's just what was handy.

Next, he matched the letters from the stickers to the letters in his name

Then I held his hand and together we wrote his name below, talked about how they were the same as above.
Lastly, I gave him a different colored crayon to copy over the letters we made together to try it himself. This of course was no easy task for him, in fact he really can't do it but he attempted every single letter then proceeded to color over the rest of the plate when he was done.

This was a success for us and I am so happy! This was the least sneaky I've been with letters and he as receptive to it and hung in to the end! I will be adding this to our weekly Alphabet mini lesson!

Do you have any awesome alphabet ideas you'd like to share with me???

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Ticia said...

Hmmm.... So, I haven't commented yet like I thought.

Here's my suggestions that have been popular at my house:

typing in word processing
Fridge Phonics
Leap Frog Letter Factory
Melissa and Doug See and Spell (that is very popular, and you could probably make your own versions)

Susana said...

I cannot remember how old he is?

Joe just learned the ABC song back in March:-). He really took off with wanting to learn after that though!

It's funny what they like/don't like to do. Joe loves to write, do math/number activities, but has NO interest in blending or anything to do with reading. Completely turns him off!! Oh well....

OK, email me about how you like your Itty Bitty!!!! WE LOVE it!!

Keri said...

are you using itty bitty now?
i really like this activity- i have seen the personalized name puzzles that i would LOVE to get my daughter
i know i say this all the time, but your blog theme is way too cute.

Christy said...

Super cute idea! R has a name puzzle that she loves, but I am going to do this with her too.

mom2three said...

matching is a great way to get kids to learn!!! Great activity!

JennyMac said...

Such a great idea...and it works!

Susana said...

I gave you some awards!

Grand Pooba said...

What a great idea! And to think that just for a minute I thought you actually named your son Zorro!

Adriana said...

One of D's favorite alphabet activity involved the giant foam alphabet puzzle. I would scatter them around the room and have him jump on a certain letter or set up a hopscotch-like game.

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