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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

For Our Veteran

My Dad, Zorro's Saba is a Vet. He enlisted in the Navy at age 17 and served our country as a Navy Seal. I wish I had some awesome photos to show you. I totally do but they are packed away! Bummer.

To honor our Vet, Zorro made a special craft for him today.

An American Flag A la Toddler. Entitled, "Stars for Saba" Yes, Zorro chose that name. :)

It was supposed to be stars and stripes. But like my "Spirited" child always does, he decided the OPPOSITE was a MUCH better idea. ;) I must say though, I was a little shocked when he whipped out the circle. Seriously, I didn't know he could freehand a circle so well. GO ZORRO!

To work on other skills I had him search for all the "star cookie cutters" in our bin of 100 cookie cutters. This amazing little boy actually picked them ALL up and put the ones away in the bin then in the cupboard that weren't stars! WOW! We sorted the stars in small, med and large then he painted away. He actually made 3 of these, he loved it so much.

Star Cookie Cutters (we used 3 different sizes)
White paper
Blue & Red Paint (we used tempura paint)
Plates for the paint
and a brush for the stripes



maryanne said...

I love Zorro's name for his masterpiece - perfect.

We use those same Ikea plates for painting, they work really well!

mom2three said...

aaawwwwe! that is awesome! That is a great idea to incorporate art into Veterans Day. My daughter didn't have school today but didn't understand why. Great idea :)

Bobbi said...

My dad is a veteran too.

I loved Zorro's tribute, so cute!

Kim said...

Grandpa is a lucky man to have such a talented grandson. And your son is very lucky to have such an amazing grandfather. I couldn't be more grateful to our veterans, every day!

Ticia said...

I totally didn't think of anything to do for veteran's day. I really wanted to take my kids up for the Fort Hood Memorial on Tuesday, but didn't plan my time well.

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