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Sunday, November 8, 2009

I'm back! Just a little info

I'm BACK!....sort of. You'll be seeing a lot less of me around these parts but I will still be here about once or twice a week. As you know I have been taking care of my health and FYI I'm down about 20 lbs now! WOO HOO! But I still have a long road ahead of me!


I don't have an immediate plan of how I will be blogging. I am still sorting that out and eventually I will (hopefully) find a groove but for now my plan is once or twice a week and content will range from CRAFTivities to Itty-Bitty Bookworm Curriculum, Life, and Giveaways.

I am also going to be redoing my CRAFTivities. Since we get so many new books each month I decided that we will be basing them on book themes rather than general themes. So each book will include 1 or 2 total of the following: crafts, art, activities(sensory or physical), games, cooking/meal/snacks, or other activities. This will allow us to slow down and enjoy and process our books more as well as spend far less time blogging.

As you also know, I am not commenting as much either. It's just not possible right now.  Although I am reading my fave blogs daily, I just cannot comment nearly as much as I want to. I also cant comment back on every comment left here. I love when you leave a comment and if you have questions etc, I will be happy to email back and comment when I can but I just want to warn some of you that if you are merely commenting for a comment back, you will be disappointed.

I am starting this week off with a giveaway! So check that out!

AND LOCAL READERS STAY TUNED! NEXT WEEK's giveaway you can win 4 tickets for a whale watching trip at Dana Warf! You don't want to miss out on that! TELL OTHER LOCALS ABOUT IT!


mom2three said...

Glad to see you back. I love to read what you have to say so I will definitely stop by when you have new posts!

Ticia said...

Of course I'll stop and read whenever you have a new post! I'll also comment. I understand needing to cut back on writing, I wish you didn't have to, but I understand.
Does that mean you are now diabetic? Or that your health has improved to no longer prediabetic?

love lives in the kitchen said...

congratulations! i'm so happy for you!
hope to hear from you soon!
have a great day,

Christy said...

Welcome back. I have had to cut way back on commenting too. It takes a lot of time and everything was falling apart around me as I commented on blogs. Totally understand.

stepfabulous said...

Wonderful on your weight loss! I am going to have to go back to your old posts to find out what is going on health wise - but I am glad that you are doing better!

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