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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Trix Are For....Goats?

Zorro brings me a box of Trix from the cupboard. Trix are my fave cereal- if I eat cereal that is. And I don't like to share. Call it Only Child Syndrome if you will...or call it greedy. Whatever. I like my Trix.

ANYWAY, he brings the Trix over and I thought I'd buy a second or maybe even a change of mind so I said, " You know Zorro, Trix are for kids."

He just looked at me and blinked for a second then said, "Oh, they're not for people?"

SCORE! I fully expected him to say, "Im a kid" but this was way better!

"Yep, they're not for people." SWEET! THEY ARE MINE!

"Oh," he says while he opens the box and grabs a handful.

Better luck next time.


Alicia said...

HAHAHAAA!! oh girl, that's what you get for trying to keep those delicious treats to yourself! lol.... looks like zorro inherited the trix genes :)....i miss you lady...its been too long!! we need to play catch up!

Christy said...

So cute. I don't like Trix though. Too sweet.

JennyMac said...

damn...foiled again!

Ticia said...

Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My kids have decided one of my favorite blankets is actually Superman's blanket now. Saturday Princess came over and took the blanket off of me and took it over to her Dad saying "This is Superman's blanket." I'm not sure why she gave it to Jeff.

mom2three said...

hahahhahahahahaha!!! OH my gosh he is good! ;)

thatgirlblogs said...

I love Trix ;) Thanks for coming over on my SITS day, what a blast. Have a great holiday.

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