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Friday, May 7, 2010

A Little Looky at What I am Eating

I was telling you about how I am eating more whole, organic and raw foods and less meat, less processed and less preservatives. I have eaten like this before but it's been a looooooooooooooooooooong time! I lost my taste for fresh produce and have spent the last few years eating highly processed fast foods.
I was so depressed I couldn't even get it together to cook a wholesome meal. Taco Bell was my closest friend. It's no wonder I packed on so much weight!
Honestly, my body has been more than ready to eat nutritious foods but I was more than daunted by all the produce, my ultimate goal (to go meatless) and what the crap I was supposed to make!!

Enter my AWESOME friend Heather who is creative, committed and has the exact same goals and I do. She proposed the idea of getting together and prepping meals once or twice a week so we are prepared and ready to go for our meals.

Here's what we are doing: we prep 3 dinners (enought for us and out husbands at least), prep lunches and juice a little. 1 meal I make for her fam and mine (crock pot baby!) and one she makes for us. Then we have a left over day or a free day. We have found that we are saving a lot of money this way! And spend no more than 40 a week on food. I buy a few extras for D and S but our food bill has gone way down! We are also not wasting food...ya knw like the produce you bought with good intentions that seems to go bad every week?

That all said here's some photos and recipes for the week:

Almond Encrusted Fish with Quinoa and Strawberries
Chicken Veggie Wrap



casey aubut said...

That is a great system! I am jealous!! I read Reno Toscas book about eating clean and bought all the stuf- but have nt been too great at keeping to it! I would love someone to help motivate me!
Good for you!

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