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Monday, June 28, 2010

The nude factor in front of kids

I freely admit it, I'm pretty much a nudist in the privacy of my own house- wearing my underwear pretty much most of the time.

What can I say? I like my comfort!

I've been recently told by mom that I need to have "boundaries" with my 3 year old son. It's not like my 3 year old and I have some freaky Oedipus thing going on. There is nothing weird, abnormal, awkward or gross and he's learning and understanding the concept of privacy just like any other 3 year old. I most certainly boundaries but that got me thinking to my upbringing....

I don't do anything different than my parents did when I was growing up. It was just never a "thing" then or now. My dad waltzed around in his underwear and my mom changed in front of me all the time. It's not like I was interested. It was just what it was, ya know?

I don't have issues with my body at home (elsewhere is another story). I waltz around my underwear, change in front of my child, and I pee with the door open, my sons co-sleeps with us too.

My husband is the polar opposite of me. He's a doors locked kinda guy even in front of me. I hate it for em and as an example to our son but he's ultra private and it is what it is.

I personally have no problem with these things and want my child to know and accept the human body and not be afraid of it. 

What are your thoughts on the nude factor in front of kids? 


Terra said...

I would do the same thing if my legs weren't so darn big...I have to keep them covered because if I walked in front of a mirror and saw them I'd have a meltdown. I keep them covered for my sanity, but if I were thinner I'd be right there with you. Our daughters are always going without clothes. It's so hot where we live and even inside gets up to near 80 during the day. If someone comes over, then they put their clothes on. My 3 year old comes in the bathroom while I'm taking a shower and talks to me. Neither one of us has a problem with nudity, but I do put boundaries down when it comes to others. Anway, what I'm saying is that I completely agree with you.

Jenny said... be honest, we're pretty much nudists ourselves. Our kids don't seem affected or concerned about it. Like you said, it just is what it is. I know a lot of my friends cut off the parental nudity by kid age 2 or 3, which I completely respect. But it seems horribly life-altering to me. My 5 year old went through a month or so when he was 4 that he started grabbing at stuff, thinking it was funny; we thought we were going to have to start changing things. But it was very short-lived, and he's no longer fazed in the slightest. I have no idea when we'll have to start having limits...I guess when it feels right to do so.

The Incredible Shrinking Woman said...

K- I am a whole hearted nudist. With unders. I change in front of my kids, and the bathroom door is broken so it does not lock, and the kids freak out if the door is shut- try though we might. The only thing I hate is that they have to be COMPLETELY ASLEEP before hanky panky can commence. ;)
I wouldn't worry about it too much. He's 3, and they say that a healthy family is one who doesn't put up walls. (I only insist on walls when mother nature hits and while wiping after a number 2. Peeing? I could care less!) Hang in there! You are doing a great job, Mommy!

Ticia said...

hmmmm, I probably lean more towards your husbands side of things. I like my privacy when I'm going potty, and I don't think my boys should see me changing at this point in time. I do recognize not everyone has the same opinion as me, that's just what I'm comfortable with.

S Club Mama said...

I just took a bath with Tristan tonight if that tells you anything. I think you'll know when the time comes to cover up you know because there will be a time when your son (and mine) are going to not want to hang out with mom half naked LOL there will also be a time when they don't want to be seen with us fully clothed LOL

mommytoalot said...

Well to be free would be nice, however I have three teenagers in the house that would NOT appreciate me running around in my granny panties.
Hubby is very big on privacy...i was always more lax.

Alicia said...

I pretty much agree with you. I'm not one to prance around in my underwear, but I'm not a locked door type either. If I happen to be naked for whatever reason then I'm open about that. I pee with the door open, because I wouldn't get a moments peace otherwise! lol If Blu sees me naked or in my underwear, whatever! I have far more important parental issues to worry about. LOL

Pattie Cordova said...

We're the basic carbon copy of your lifestyle too. We do the bedsharing thing, I pee and shower with the door open, etc. I don't see it as an issue. Then again, our child is 2.5 years old so it's not like he cares either.

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