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Monday, June 21, 2010

Pounding the Pavement- Thanks to CSN

Im at at again... Jogging that is. I was set back by my jogging partners dropping out. We used to jog late at night so I could go without Zorro - I cannot jog with a stroller. It's hard enough to get moving let alone pushing a stroller and not being able to move in comfortable form.
THEN I had an epiphany...



So we tried it and it was semi successful. Zorro's bike is a used girls bike that was spray painted black and then decorated with Ironman stickers. Yeah, we're ghetto like that. The thing is the bike is pretty warn out. The training wheels are down the the metal, and the worn 12 in. tires are just a little too short for him.

After that adventure I decided he definitely needed a bike especially if this was going to work. And just at this time CSN Stores contacted me yet again to do review of a product. What better time to get Zorro a new bike! For those of you unfamiliar with CSN Stores they have over 200 specialized online stores carrying just about anything you need! If you're looking for a new bed you will be shocked at the selection available and prices! Go check em out, and you'll see why everyone's talking about them.

In the mean time look forward to a review on this bike:


Daisygirl said...

oh that bike is freakin awesome! I wish it weren't so hot here so I could go jogging outside!

Jenny said...

Oh, that's so cool. How did you get to do giveaways? They just found your blog and contacted you? I want to do a giveaway! No fair! :)

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