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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bedroom Furniture- CSN Style

Soon enough we will be moving and it has been a  dream of mine to someday have bedroom furniture sets for us all. I've literally had a bed on rails for years now. It does the job and it's easy for moving but when we settle down I'd like something that says "you're staying for a while."

I really want something kinda beachy and light feeling maybe like this:

I love all the matching pieces with it plus the bed has drawers. I like- with different bedding of course!

In any case, CSN Stores has something for everyone and definitely worth a look around when you need to find...well, anything really!


Jenny said...

Kristiiii!!!! I got my necklace today! It is EXACTLY what I have been wanting for years. Thank you so much for the extra gift. I'm going to blog about it sometime in the next week.

After 12 years of marriage, we still don't have a cute bedroom. The kids do, but ours is pretty sad. It's on my wishlist, though.

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