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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Weekly Memes..What's Your Fave? & WINNER Little Pim

I am really really interested in joining in a weekly meme, It's been at least a year since I have joined in one and I love reading people's answers to memes.

So help me navigate the wide world of memes PLEASE! And tell me what your faves are!


I didn't know that PIM has other languages, not only Spanish. I seriously want to win a German one or maybe Russian, I can't decide :)



Jenny said...

Dude...I thought we had an understand that I'M supposed to win all of your giveaways. ;) JK

I mostly just do stART and Muffin Tin Monday. I have lots of fun with both. Oh, and I have also been doing Field Trip Friday. And Mommy's Piggy Tales, but that's already been going on. Once my oldest starts back school in the fall, I would like to join in more regularly on Preschool Corner or Tot School. Or even the geography/history one or the science one. Too many to choose from!

Ticia said...

There's so many. As you've seen I have about 4-5 I participate in regularly, and of course I host Science Sunday, so I like that one a lot.
stART like Jenny mentioned is really fun. Because you can do just about anything related to a book and it works for that one.
Geography/history one is fun because it encourages me to include those.
And then Preschool Corner I'd like to participate in more, but I've not been good about it.

There's a few about craft projects you've made that you could put your jewelry in, but I'm blanking on where, maybe 733.

Michelle @ Flying Giggles said...

Congrats to the, 1 rarely comes up!

I like Wordless Wednesday. It is fun because I can post random picture. I enjoy checking out other peoples posts and I always get a lot of visits.

Terra H. said...

My favorite is Keepin' Company Thursdays but I'm biased because I co-host that one.
I also like Random Tuesday Thoughts hosted by The Un Mom and Wordful Wednesday hosted by Seven Clown Circus.

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