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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Merry Christmas to Me?

Some might think it's a little early to be thinking about Christmas but seriously give it a week and they will be out with the Halloween and Thanksgiving stuff and in with the Christmas. And since it's so much easier to start planning ahead I thought I;s get some ideas now at CSN with their over 200 stores and kagillions of products. The thing is I started looking for others and I found some awesome dutch ovens that I went gaga over. I know DUTCH OVENS but seriously I SO want one!

I also saw a few things I am wanting to get for Zorro. The little crazy told me he wants a ipod touch for Christmas. A green one. So I thought maybe I would get him this:
Leapster 2
It's has games...and of course I LOVE that he will learn a little while playing it. There's so many choices though! Any suggestions?


S Club Mama said...

So funny that he wants an iPod touch LOL kids these days...back when I wanted VHS and cassette tapes :)

Alicia said...

We are considering getting one for Blu for Christmas too, but I have one main concern. When my nephew got one all the games had things WELL above age level, and all he did was constantly, and I mean CONSTANTLY ask for the answers. I don't want that. That was annoying.

Also, just fyi, it's only $50 at Target.

My Family My Forever said...

We got Joe one for his 4 year old birthday and he LOVED it. He still plays his. He never had any problems with the games as long as I made sure I only got ones that were age appropriate. He just recently started playing the ones for ages 5-8 years, but still plays all the ones for ages 4-7 too.

He has and likes the Diego and Dora games, Pet Pals, Nemo, Cars and Toy Story. This year's birthday we got him XMen, Star Wars and ISpy games.

OK, I've written a book, my point, yes, we like the Leapster 2:-).

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