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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mortifying Mommy Moments

{a pause I really need to say more?}

OH MY GOSH! I know we all have those moments with our little ones where we want to climb under a rock and pretend that child is NOT ours. Whether it be something they said or that catastrophic, body convulsing, ear ringing tantrum they just had. 

We know they are bound to happen but nothing can prepare you for them or the humiliation that is sure to follow.

Just last week we were taking a little gander through Downtown Disney. The kids are loud and excited as usual and I was off in La La Land -the sound of his voice was in a far off place until my sister turned around and looked at me. In a millisecond real life came rushing back to me and I heard what was actually going on.

My son {dear sweet child he is} was point at a little person {hoping this is the most P.C. term} and laughing saying as loud as his voice could carry, "LOOK AT HIM HE IS SO SILLY! HE'S SO SILLY!!!!" While this poor man was walking towards us and crossing paths. I only noticed what was happening as he was just behind me. I turned my head and only saw his back. I have no idea what face he might possibly have been making but I have no doubt at all that he heard. In a place packed full of people I have no doubt many many people heard but I didn't bother to look. I just dropped down to Zorro's height and quietly put the breaks on any further comments then explained just as quietly that we don't point and laugh at people. What could I do?

Sure, it could have been worse but let me tell you that was plenty for me! I told my husband who is currently out of town about this awesomeness and commented that it sucks that when kids make comments or act a certain way it's a reflection on the parent's and your parenting even thought all kids have their moments. It's true though isn't it? We see a kid have a tantrum and we give other parents dirty looks. CONTROL YOUR CHILD we judge as we kiss our sweet child who is not having a spaz attack in this very moment, and how thankful we are.

Tell me, what are some of your embarrassing mommy moments?


Ticia said...

I can totally top yours but it takes a whole post to tell that story so you'll have to come read it tomorrow

Bobbi said...

I don't have any embarrassing mommy stories, but I've got one embarrassing aunt story.
I was in Target with my niece looking at toys. We turned the corner, she saw all the Barbie's and yelled, "holy shit look at all this stuff!"

I also have a story about my sister. I wasn't alive yet but my parents have told me this story.
When my sister was little they were out at a fast food restaurant and a very large black man came in. My sis looked at him, pointed and yelled, "mommy, daddy, look! It's Fat Albert!"

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