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Sunday, November 21, 2010

A thought about backpacks

When I was in school it was not cool to wear your backpack the "right way." The cool way was just on one shoulder. So we'd walk around with out 30 plus pound backpacks and on one shoulder hunched over to keep it on and continually hiking it up back over our shoulders. What a pain! And how bad is that for your back?

I was looking at these sling backpacks and thinking what a better idea because you can distribute the weight evenly on your back. Now if they had one that would actually fit massive text books into.

But they do have some really cute ones if you're into backpacks rather than purses. I love this one:

I think its a more sleek take on the double shoulder backpack purses. Very cute.

I also think sling backpacks make a great diaper bag for dads! So much cooler than a flowery bag and easier to handle since it's on his back. Unless you have a regular Mr. Mom I bet he's appreciate something like that.

Just something to think about.


Flying Giggles and Lollipops said...

That is really cute. I came from the same era of being too cool to use two straps.

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