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Monday, November 15, 2010

Space The Final Frontier {CRAFTivities}

I absolutely MUST share with you this really exciting program that NASA is doing. Homeschooling and other awesome parents listen up!

NASA has a program called Face in Space where you can send a photo of your kids...or you if you so desire into space on the next space shuttle launch. There are actually two missions left for this program. One space shuttle launches November 30, 2010 and the next February 27, 2011.

So here's why it's so cool (although I know some of you homeschooling mommy's are already giddy with excitement and know exactly why it's so cool):

First of all you get to pick a mission and decide which space shuttle launch you want to be a part of. Each mission has a different purpose. Next, you get to read and learn all about that mission! Then when it launches you can know that a picture of YOUR kid is going up with that space shuttle (how fun to pretend that you're actually in it!). I can imagine all of the super fun and majorly exciting things you can do with you children on the day it's launching including making a pretend ship out of a large cardboard box. And while you prepare for your mission you can include days full of books about space shuttles and astronauts and CRAFTivities galore! When you shuttle has landed you get to print out a certificate from the web sight which you should probably frame because I mean HELLO your kid was just up in space!

Are you excited yet? Are you even still here?

Check out my Space CRAFTivities I'm sure you'll find a cool one to try along with this little program! 

Now get out of here and SIGN UP!

PS Thank you Teresa for the info on this! You rock!


Ticia said...

1 totally doing this

2. I have a post going up later this week with almost the exact same title

cutiefruit21 said...

love u!

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