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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Lowe's Build and Grow {Kid Trip!}

Lowe's Build and Grow Kids Clinic
"From project basics to giving your child the opportunity to say, "I built it!", our Build and Grow kid's clinics are a great way to help build confidence! Bring the kids into any Lowe's store and build a FREE wooden project. Each participant also receives a free apron, goggles, a project themed patch, and a certification of merit upon completion of their project."

If you haven't heard of Lowe's Build and Grow or have just not taken the time to go yet, you really need to head down there ASAP! They currently offer clinics every other week and each week is a different craft with a different theme. While the clinics are geared towards ages 5 and up they certainly accept younger children as parents can easily put these projects together for their little while they assist in the tasks. Even as a parent doing most of the work your child still feels like they created the project since they have a hand in it and is so proud!

Zorro is nearly 4 and we've been going since he was 3 1/2. I set up the project, read the directions to him while he helps me locate the correct parts. I usually start the nail then he finished hammering it in. At this point he is learning to understand the assembly process, follow directions, locate the correct parts, put the pieces together the right way and his hammering skills are awesome! Eventually he will be able to do the whole project on his own!

As stated in the quote from Lowe's, they are given an apron that they can take home and patches once the project is complete that you can sew on the apron. I think this is such a wonderful program that Lowe's offers and it's FREE! 100%!!!

In my area you have to sign up for the clinics FAST because they are so popular! So head over to the Lowes Build and Grow website and sign up! You don't want to miss out on these fabulous events with your kids!


Jenny said...

We haven't made it to one of these in a couple of years - the boys always enjoyed them. Stopping in to say "hi" - it's been awhile. I am so sorry; I really am going to get to that necklace blog post soon!

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