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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Minivan Moms vs. SUV Moms

There's the Minivan Moms and the SUV Moms (AKA Anti-minivan moms). If you've been reading my blog for a while you know where I stand. Totally minivan mom with ONE child, mind you, and PROUD to rock my van everywhere I go. That's right.

Let's just ponder just a few of the attributes of the fabulous minivan for just a second here:
  • Sliding Doors- Shoot AUTOMATIC sliding doors. Need I tell you the many wonderful reasons for this fabulousness? OK since you asked...
    • No kids slamming the car door open into the parked next you.
    • always able to open a door if someone parks so close you only have a sliver of room to get into your car.
    • Hands full of groceries and kids and only one finger will open the car. Beautiful.
    • What am I missing?
  • LOADS of room and everything is easily accessible!
    • These puppy's are made for families. There's tons of room and you can easily get to things (even when you're on a road trip and need to jump over to the back of the car-which I don't recommend but lets be honest here we all do it). 
  • Seats the fold and tuck away so once again everything is accessible and there's room for an entire house. Or at least room enough for when I go on a trip which is pretty much like bringing the whole house anyway because I DO NOT travel light let me tell you.
So that's just a few things that make it brilliant. Among other things which aren't necessarily exclusive the a minivan but add to it's fabulousness are dual air system to kids don't fry or freeze because they aren't next to the air. Dual sound control, DVD players, plugs all over the car, a billion cup holders and more.

So why on earth would you actually buy an SUV? Well there is the fact that you sit higher up. That's always a plus but when are start buying really large SUVs they become claustrophobic. They are beasts on the outside and all the room is taken up by the 2 & 3 rows of seats with about an inch of foot room. They are difficult to drive and guzzle far more gas than minivans.

Really, I think SUVs are just minivans on steroids without any of the benefits. That's too bad. All for the sake of not wanting be "that" mom. I say embrace it! You're just fooling yourself if you think that massive beast is really any better than a minivan.


km said...

SUV mom here. A Ford Expedition. And I'm actually dreaming of the EL which is 18" longer. I'm not anti just wouldn't fit our family. My Expedition fits 8. A minivan would be rather squishy with 8. We bought it in 2004 planning on our #3 pregnancy. I had a 3yo, a 2yo, and a newborn. I didn't want to be climbing into the back to get a kid in/out of the carseat. We fit 3 carseats across. I could still easily buckle my 3yo until I taught him how to do it himself. Now that my kids are bigger (we've only got one booster left) I find myself with extra kids in my car all the time. It's so fun to be able to take a friend to the park or to carpool with another mom and her kids for a field trip. I couldn't downsize. But, I don't think a big SUV is for everyone.

Keri said...

i am a "crossover" mom. we just bought a crossover toyota and i love it. The extra seating and room would be nice, but it works for our little family of three. you raise some good points about minivans! the sliding door sounds great!

Ticia said...

Love the sliding doors! Seriously, they rock.

One reason I see for an SUV is if you're towing something. Jeff's talking about getting an SUV for our next for towing purposes, but I'm sold on minivans for all the reason you listed.

We'll see, it's not like it's going to happen any century soon.

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