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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

EZ Sox For Little Ones {CLOSED}

I just learned about these super cute and totally helpful little sox that are out called EZ Sox. They are made with little loops on the top and a cute picture that goes on the top of the foot so your toddlers can easily learn exactly how to put the sock on and have a much easier time of it!

EZ Sox are also used at occupational and physical therapy centers for children younger and older who need a little extra help.

I think this is such a fabulous idea! And they are super cute to boot! We were given a pair of the T-REX sox for Zorro to try out. He LOVED them!
Check out EZSOX.COM to see their collection of super cute sox and remember these make great gifts!

WIN a pair of EZ Sox!

TO ENTER: Leave a comment! 
 **make sure you have an email address or link to it!!! I have had to disclude people regularly because I can't reach you!**
 WINNER:  3. Ticia


Terra H. said...

These socks are super cute. I especially like the pink piggy pair. Thanks.

Ticia said...

Totally forgot to enter.

Love these.

Ticia said...

I like them on FB.

mommy days said...

what a neat idea to help toddlers wear the socks!! thanks for hosting the giveaway!

Terra H. said...

What cute socks! I really like the pink piggy pair. Thanks.

Misty said...

love the dinosaur ones! Those are super cute!

Ana said...

I love the bunny and froggy ones :-)

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