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Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Flu Shot Conspiracy?

I know some people line up every year for a flu shot and take all their kids. I don't personally have a problem with it, but I honestly don't see the need. My thoughts are that it's not life threatening and it's fairly quick to get over. I'd rather not inject myself or my family with chemicals or the flu or both - whatever is in them.

So why is that this year more than any other year they are PUSHING and I mean PUSHING for people to get their shots? Maybe you haven't had the experiences that I have, then again maybe you got your shot so there is no reason for it but let me tell you I am SICK of the emails, calls and CONSTANT badgering by my health care professionals.

Let me tell you about an experience:

I was at the Dr about a month ago and the nurse says, "Have you had your flu shot?"
"Are you planning on getting a flu shot?"
"Well watch out Dr. A is going to push you she's really adamant about getting the flu shot."

Then I go in the see the Dr.:
Dr. A. "I see you haven't had the flu shot"
"Well I'll have my nurse get you one"
"No thank you, I'm not interested"
"I don't want one, I don't feel the need for it."
"Well, it's very important, I've seen quite a few women in the hospital hooked up to IVs because they chose not to get the flu shot."
"OK, I'll still pass."

EESH! And if that wasn't bad enough, I went back 2 weeks later:
Nurse "I see Dr. A didn't convince you of getting the flu shot last time."
"No but I'm sure she'll push again for it."
"I'm certain of it, good luck."

Dr. A "So you still haven't gotten your flu shot"
"Why not? What are you scared of"
????? WHAT????
"I'm not scared of anything, I don't want the flu shot, I don't feel that there is any need for it."
"OK well I really think you should consider it."
"No Thank you."

SERIOUSLY! I have witnesses this is what happened!!! THEN they marked my profile as a non flu shot patient or something and EVERY Dr I see asks if I want a flu shot! Even the freaking Ophthalmologist!

And why is she trying to "scare" me into getting a flu shot? 

-BTW I have Kaiser it's an HMO with an entirely interconnected system so every Dr. can see things and they can mark your profile with updates like this.

So then I get an email from Kaiser saying that I have health reminders:

Health reminders

Name Due date Status Last done
FLU VACCINE 9/1/2010 Overdue

Ya see that? Last done? Ya, NEVER! Thanks for not bothering me about it!

Then yesterday I get a phone call with a message from Kaiser saying that one or more people in my household has not received the flu shot blah blah blah...


I have NEVER been so bombarded with "Must get your flu shot" messages. It's well past ridiculous now.

So here's what I'd like to know: Is there something going on that I don't know about? Or are my Dr's getting kickbacks? Are the insurance companies getting government kickbacks? Are these shots funding something?


Please tell me your thoughts and experiences!


Daisygirl said...

I think there is a conspiracy....seriously! I think the doctors get paid more for the more people they get to take the shot. I have not done one, not planning on it! Honestly the one year I did get one I got the flu so bad...4 years later no flu shot and no flu...knock on wood!

chrischaos said...

all i know is.. when i get a flu shot, i feel like doo doo, and i dont ever see folks with the flu until after the shot comes out. coincidence?

Ticia said...

They push and push and push it, and it drives me nuts.

Maybe you could tell them to either stop asking you or you're switching doctors.......

ocean said...

Not quite the sAame experience here but my GP always asks if I want the flu shot. I always say "NO". I do hate, hate, hate shots but I would get one if I thought it was necessary. I have worked in the medical field and know everyone in the field says the flu shot doesn't make you sick. You only get sick if you were already sick. Well, I've had the flu shot three times and three times I have gotten sick within 2 days. After one of the shots, I seriously felt like I was dying and guess what the doc said I had????? The FLU. BTW-I HAD to get the shot those times b/c of working in a nursing home or hospital. Maybe there is a conspiracy.

Alicia said...

Yes, its a conspiracy. I don't get one, neither does Blu. Never have, never plan to.
I second the others, I've never seen anyone have the flu until after they've had the shot, and I'm sure the drs get paid extra. Maybe some of those crazy conspiracy theory people are right and the flu shot is linked to government mind control.

Terra H. said...

I don't get badgered near as much as you do, but I got told by my work that I'd get chastised if I came down with any flu-like symptoms because I wouldn't go get the flu shot. My husband did a couple years ago and was deathly ill. No thanks, I'll deal with the flu if I get it.

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