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Saturday, March 14, 2009


Georges Birthday several weeks after he died.

So we've had quite a stressful time these several weeks. D's beloved cat of 11 (nearly 12 years) has just been "put to sleep." I can't even begin to tell how hard this has been for us, emotionally and financially we've been maxed out.

The money, as hard as it was to deal with, was not so much of an issue because we both believe in taking care of our pets as we would any dependent. We certainly don't believe in putting a pet to sleep as a means to "fixing a problem." We spent about $2000 on George in all and was told so many times, "why don't you just put him to sleep?" You really should tell someone who is nearly an animal activist to kill their pet because they are sick...Just so you know, it's not a good idea. So the answer to that is we felt that he deserved every bit of love and care that we could give him up until we knew he was in too much pain and deteriorating rapidly.

George had a feeding tube and was fed and given water and meds through the tube. He was on pain meds, antibiotics, several anti-nausea meds as well has had been hospitalized for several days on an IV and the list goes on.

The decision was so hard, and D made it. I couldn't even get myself to wrap my brain around it. And I couldn't even be there when they did it. Candy went with D and D held George till the very end.

George will be cremated privately and his ashes will be returned to us in a cedar box with a lock. The Dr gave us a ceramic paw imprint of G's paw also.

We will miss G and D has been and will miss him terribly. D is doing well right now, it's been 3 days. Each day I think the shock is wearing off a little more and he's getting a little sadder. What he knows and can hang onto is that he made the right decision at the right time and that he did everything he could for him and even up to the end loved him and held him.

So this is for George, Curious George, Mr Weenie, George P. Weenie, Mr Stinky, The Stinky Cheese Man, Georgie, Zorro (oops! Sometimes Zorro is George too hee hee), George P Weenie, George Boy, My Sir, Mister, Lion King, Sir George the Million Dollar Cat, The Kitty Formally Known as George. We'll miss you little guy!


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