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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Tot School -Getting The Ball Rolling

This week was a little abnormal. Lots going on and next week will be the same. I look forward to a few weeks down the road where we can really start getting things in place and doing this in a more organized fashion. Speaking of organized, I need to get more organizing tools. I have my eye on the Trofast system at Ikea and some more plastic drawers. We'll see about that though. I might just have to settle on the plastic drawers.

ANYWAY, here's a little of what we did this week. It wasn't much but it was successful!
Zorro started out transferring pom poms into a container...

Then dumped it out and put them all back on the bowl.

He wanted to paint but wanted his Manny Coloring book, which I picked up at the Dollar Tree

Check this one out! This is a sticker/cutting/gluing activity all in one! It wasn't meant to be that way but he was just too excited to do them separately. The end result was a pretty neat piece of artwork that we'll hang for him. BTW the cutting was done from the finger painting picture he did last week. Way to reuse! ha ha

We did a little music. He LOVED the wearable drum. It was a gift from a friend-great picking!

He played with a felt board storybook from his Aunt JJ. Sometimes he totally digs this other times, not so much.

Other activities were LOTS of play-doh, he's a bit obsessed right now. Probably going to get him another fun set.

It was a good week.


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