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Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I watched my SIL's kids this week over the course of 4 days pretty much day and night except for a few hours in between. Her husband wanted to surprise her with a long weekend to herself so he got family involved and was able to set it all up so he could come out to SoCal and take ALL 4 KIDS to the theme park mania here. The problem is the 2 youngest are 2! So they wouldn't last that long at the parks....enter ME. I was asked to watch the kids. Totally! Then they said they would pay me TOTALLY! (think starving students here).

I had three 2yr olds for 4 days. Um...triplets anyone? We all got through even to little ones who were having a hard time adjusting to stand in parents. And when I got paid...can I say WOW?! Just a small fortune! I am really excited because I have been wanting to buy more storage for Zorro (refer to previous post about Trofast) and a trike as well as a few learning toys for him, a pair of new sandels and PJ's. All that won't even use up all the money so we'll have some saved for whatever.

It's such a relief and feels so great to be able to buy those few things that we need and a few things like a trike that Ive been waiting to get Z for quite a while now. And really, every little boy needs a trike anyway right?


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