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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

When Did Pee Become so Exciting?

Zorro went pee in a potty!

I couldn't believe it! I have not, started any formal potty training at all, and didn't intend to until he was about 3. I've always heard that potty training is such a delicate thing and can be pretty traumatic sometimes so I decided that I would go with a natural, try it if you want to approach.

I bought a cheap training potty at Ikea let him pick out the color (he picked white...BORING!). We brought it home and put it in the play room. We explained what it was for how to sit on it and that was it.

We've had the potty for about 3 months. In the course of that time it's gone largely untouched. We never talked about it or pushed anything on him. If he showed interest, I would talk to him about whatever was interesting him. Sometimes he would sit on it and say potty. Sometimes he would take it into his room and shut the door and sit on it and tell me he was going poop (this was fully clothed). Over the last 3 weeks he's been ripping his diaper off and sit on it bit wouldn't do anything. Today, he ripped his diaper off and sat on the potty. I expected the same as usual but then i heard trickling. I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT! He PEED! D just happened to be home too so he was able to see it too. So cool!

I went to get some photos then after he picked up the potty and dumped in on the carpet. Oh well...I guess you can have everything.


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