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Friday, April 24, 2009

BOOK TREE- Plants and Seeds

These are not reviews although eventually I intend to review all the books on our weekly Book Tree.
This week is just a book share of a few of our favorite books from this week's theme.


We scoured the many libraries and book stores found lots of treasures! We're lucky to have many, many public libraries in our area. Here were a few of our favorites:

"The Tiny Seed" By Eric Carle
This book was the winner of the BEST BOOK OF THE WEEK!
Zorro and I loved it and read it throughout the day every day...I ended up buying it.

"The Curious Garden" By Peter Brown
This book is BRAND new! We actually did not read it together. I picked it up at the book store and read through it. I thought I would share it though because it's a really neat book that we will revisit sometime. Click on photo to read about it.

"Curious George Plants a Tree" By Margret H.A. Rey
Because Zorro can't get enough of Curious George

"The Carrot Seed" By Ruth Krauss
Really, how could I NOT read this book?

"Oh Say Can You Seed" By by Bonnie Worth and Aristides Ruiz
I LOVED this book!
For a 2 year old the info is a lot but the rhyming is really fun.

"Planting a Rainbow" By Lois Ehlert
This was a GREAT find at the library! Really neat book, must check it out!

"Up, Down, and Around" By Katherine Ayres
This was a really cute book where a couple of children learn about the different way plants/veggies grow. The Rhyming is really cute.

If you are a book BUYER rather than a library scourer (or both) I encourage you to join Border's Rewards if you're not already a member. It's FREE (unlike Barnes and Noble) and you get weekly or nearly weekly coupons in your email ranging from about 20%-40% off. We would buy books all the time if we could afford it for ALL of us. We are avid book readers and on the occasions when we actually bite the bullet and buy books, we wait for the big coupons and it is a great savings. BOOKS ARE EXPENSIVE!

P.S. I don't work for Borders and am not getting paid to tell you about it. I know I've mentioned it several times we just love it that much. I actually used to work for Barnes & Noble OOPS!

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