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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cookie Cutter Lunch- Bird Seed "Sammy"



We had a fun craft where we "made" a bird house and bird seed "toasties" to put in the bird house. Zorro loved it so much he tried EATING it! So naturally, for our cookie cutter lunch we made a bird house with "seeds" for Zorro.

To make this we used our "house" cookie cutter. I used natural PB like I did on the bird house and toasties. I added a little bit of honey from a local bee farm (do you call it a farm?) and topped with sliced raw almonds.
I had planned on topping with this trail mix we had with seeds in it. It would have been more "official" looking and way cool, but we were out. No biggie though, we had the almonds and he didn't seem to notice.

He also specifically asked for "apple ducks" HOW CUTE! I couldn't say no. Since the apples were too small for the duck cookie cutter, I cut them out in 2 pieces and layered them. The apples are organic from our CSA basket this week.

Can you tell how much he liked it??? I SCORED BIG TIME on this lunch!
Notice how he put all the birds up to the house so they can "eat." I love this about his age. He is starting get get into pretend and make believe. He mimicked them eating and make the sounds.

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