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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Field Trip- Fullerton Arboretum

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This week our theme plan was PLANTS and seeds so our field trip was to the Fullerton Arboretum which is on the Cal State Fullerton Campus. Admission is FREE and the grounds are beautiful.

A few people have asked me what the/an arboretum is. Here is their description of the Arboretum:
"The Fullerton Arboretum is your passport to the world of plants. Without going far from home, you can inhale the fragrances of the Mediterranean, feel the cool shade of the redwood forest, delight in the glorious fall color of the northeastern United States, hear the rustle of the palm trees, take a break in a desert oasis, laugh at the funny forms of succulents, and breathe in the perfume of old fashioned roses. This collection of more than 4,000 plants, on 26 acres, is important for other reasons as well. The Fullerton Arboretum helps us to understand the diversity of the world’s plant life and the importance of protecting the earth’s plant treasures."

Looking at the pretty flowers at the Heritage House

Taking a walk through the Deciduous Forest

Walking through one of several bamboo trellises

Our Favorite Stop was the Children's Garden. VERY COOL! You can tell they worked hard to create a garden an ideal learning space for kids.

Me and the little dude. He LOVED that bird house. His adoration for it (seriously he wanted me to hold him up to it so he could play with it) inspired me to pull out that little wooden birdhouse I bought at the Dollar Tree months and FINALLY do something with it.

Some of the veggies in the garden. It was neat for him to see the lettuce in the ground. He had to have a touch

Trying to spin the compost bin without luck

Ironically enough, it also happens to be Arbor Day this week other states (not mine) which I just found out so, COOL! Good timing for me! But while I happened to go on a good week, I chose to go on the HOTTEST day of the year (so far). It was blazing up in the high 90's (from the mid 70's where it's been). I also got sunscreen is S's eyes and the sweating made it worse for him. AND to top it all off... I also forgot to charge my camera so my photos are not so great from my camera phone. We still had a good time but I look forward to another (more prepared) visit. :)

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