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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Field Trip-Discovery Science Museum

I have a new goal that I have set for myself and Zorro. I am going to attempt to go on a field trip once a week for Tot School. At first I was over thinking this. I do that best. I was trying to plan activities and "curriculum" that would relate to the field trip but I was just stressing myself out too much. I figure maybe I should get into the grove first then later complicate things. Let me explain:
By curriculum I mean "Letter Of the Week." I was going as far as tweaking theirs doing something like C, Cow, #3, Farm etc... So then we would go to a farm and pay extra close attention to the cows. We would go to the library and get cow books, then our printouts and activities and special crafts would focus mostly on the those things. You see how this can get exhausting and stressful. Lets just say I tend to be a "jump in" kinda person. No toe in the water for me. So pulling back, I still think it's a great idea and eventually I will probably implement that. But for now reg Tot School, no theme, and random Field Trips.

We went to the Discovery Science Center, Museum, Cube (whatever you want to call it). In Santa Ana, CA. Every first Tuesday of the month is Free Day for Santa Ana Residents. Even though I don't live in Santa Ana anymore my drivers license still says I do so....ya know...
Zorro had way more fun than I thought he would. The place is still just a bit too old for him I think it's more suited to 5 and up.

First Exhibit was a stop at the tornado thingy. He thought that was cool. You can stick your hand in it, blow it etc.

Nothing could compare to the excitement he showed at the Dino Quest area outside. Look at that face, He's in awe. :)

They are having a Magic School Bus special exhibit right now called "The Magic School Bus Kicks Up a Storm." The whole exhibit is based pretty much on weather. Zorro has way more fun here than I though. He ran around like crazy I couldn't keep up! (note to self don't bring stroller on FREE days!) Zorro is hates when I take pics of him. That pic on the hood with with face his him saying "nooooooooooooooooooooooo" (in whiny toddler speak).

The last stop was the ONLY area designated for kids under the age of 5. Here he climbed, jumped, carried a HUGE crayon thingy, played with puzzles and pushed buttons.

We spent about an 3 hours there in all. I don't know HOW we managed that, but it was a good time. I'm glad we went, I know he is! They change their exhibits seasonally so we will be back next season if not sooner.


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