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Monday, April 13, 2009

Tot School- Easter Week

This week, I've been feeling really tired. I've got some sorta respiratory infection, I'm saying this because looking at my pics, I am SHOCKED with how much we actually did. We actually did quite a bit more that I forgot to get pics of or didn't have camera.

ACTIVITY COST: $1 for the eggs.

OK don't laugh at the craft! I am not crafty, I used only the items we had to the eyes are too big, and my toddler helped with the gluing. I got this Baby Chick Craft idea from Lucky Me!.

We went on a "field trip" to The Discovery Science Center. I wrote about it in a separate blog because it was long enough as it was.
ACTIVITY COST: FREE! Even parking because we parked across the street and walked!

Zorro was having fun opening the eggs so I figured I'd throw him a curve ball and give him all of them open so he would have to close them. Then place them into the egg carton. He did really well. I love his facial expressions he's really expressive like me.

ACTIVITY COST: about $4-5 Obviously I have lots more of every item to do many more crafts though. $1 for pom poms, $1 eyes, $.15 for felt, $2.? for craft glue.

We did LOTS of cooking this week. This is hard for me to do. I kinds just like to get it done, but he loves it so I am trying to suck it up and just enjoy the time with Zorro.

We made BROWNIES! He Licked the bowl

We "cooked" play-doh. was a no go. And S was NOT diggin putting his hands in it.

We made Hot Cross Buns in our bread machine. He helped my staying out of my way. Just Kidding, he put the flour in. I was really proud of this for myself because I don't bake. Not a baker, it scares me. It's an exact science and I don't do exact so most of what I attempt flops unless I am in Zen mode and control the urge to hurry! I got this recipe from Want What You Have. I forgot the egg wash before baking but they still turned out great (just a little brown on top). I added a bit of better to the tops to soften them up a bit. I also added extra icing because it was yummy. I'm thinking making this a tradition for Easter but making them a little sweeter and calling them Hot Cross Sticky Buns....WHAT?!

The first is the finished product. Second is the way I like it all slathered (hee hee) and then the real way

We also made ORANGE JUICE! please pop on over to this post and leave a comment. You can use the link provided. I need some ideas!
We got these Oranges from our CSA, although the ones in our back yard are looking like they might be ready or nearly!

Zorro has been doing so good with counting that I thought we should work on recognition. Never mind. LOL He can count to 7 but I still can't get him to recognize the numbers yet. COME ON Leap Frog Math Circus!!! We've been using the counting cards from 1+1+1=1 in the Big Machines Tot Book.
ACTIVITY COST: Free because I have the paper, printer and laminator.

So wrong that I pulled it out for my 2 year old. It's Ms. Pac-Man Plug n' Play one of those cheap arcade game thingies that plugs right into the TV. He was sort of ho-hum about it. But for video games I think it's a really great alternative and CHEAP!

ACTIVITY COST: $20 retail - FREE for us! It was a gift before Z was even born.

Zorro really enjoyed painting this ceramic car. He was so into it, it was funny. He was looking at it up close, lifting it, turning it to different angles. So cute!

ACTIVITY COST: $1 I got the whole set with paints brush and 2 ceramic cars for a dollar at Michael's in one of those end cap bins.

Are you tired yet? I am! And this wasn't even all of it! YIKES! Among other activities that I didn't document, D's parents came back from Paraguay after over a year of being gone. Z is in LOVE! We had a great week, and I hope you all did too!


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