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Friday, April 17, 2009

Field Trip - Santa Ana Zoo

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We went to the Santa Ana Zoo this week as our field trip. We had a great, GREAT time! Zorro has never been better on an outing. When we got to the zoo the window was closed so after waiting there for a few min I looked over at person who worked there, he shrugged his shoulders and I went in. I don't know what that was all about but hey, free admission is always a plus!

The Santa Ana Zoo is a relatively small zoo. I'd say the majority of this zoo is monkeys. It's really nothing fancy but younger kids will like it. They have a small farm area a train ride that takes all of 5 min and takes you around the farm portion only (LAME!) but little ones won't know the difference. There's some Llamas, TONS of monkeys, sometimes they have an elephant for rides although I've never been there when they actually have it (makes me wonder...) , they have a tropical bird exhibit, a few other small animals and an Eagle (which is really cool to see). They also have a play area for kids with sand and a jungle gym.

So here's how we spent our time:

We began by going to the "farm" portion of the zoo.

First we saw some geese

Then he fed the goats. He loved this. I was surprised how fearless he was.

Offering the goat a drink of his sippy

Washing up after the goat feeding

We passed by some sleeping pigs (no photo)

Saw the Horses but he would only let me capture him with the metal horse. It sure is cute though!

Since we didn't pay for the entrance fee, we I paid for Z and I to go on the train. He of course loved it! He's fascinated with trains and it doesn't help that we live 2 blocks away from a train track.

After the train we set out for the monkeys. Turns out the little guy I've always called a monkey IS a monkey after all! I think he felt right at home there. hee hee

We saw an eagle and D really loves the eagle so I wanted to get a photo with Z in it for him. Z wasn't having any of it until I said, "Z will you please turn around and let me take a pic of you for Daddy?" What a NAUGHTY! I love the photo though!

Lastly, we made our way through the tropical bird and exhibit.

Z just LOVED LOVED LOVED the turtles. I had to scream to stop him from diving in there with them (no joke).

Check out the color of this bird!

We spent a good 2 hours here. He loved it and we had a great time together.


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