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Friday, April 17, 2009

Making Your Own Baby Food-It's WAY easier than you think!

Zorro's first bite

I made Zorro's baby food for him from the time he started eating. In certain circumstances I would use regular baby food but I'd say at least 90% of the time when we were at home in our normal routine he had all homemade, organic baby food.

A lot of people thought I was crazy to do it, that it was too time consuming, or difficult or both. But really, it wasn't either. Sure, it takes longer than opening a jar but if you plan it to fit your schedule, you can make it an easy addition to your daily OR weekly routine.I say daily or weekly because some people prefer to make small batches daily. They are in the kitchen already or they don't have fridge/freezer room, or they just prefer it. There are also certain foods that just don't freeze or refrigerate well and you must do them daily (like bananas). Others, like me would not have been so successful if I had to do it daily. I made a large batch of 1 or 2 different types of baby foods or mixtures a week and froze them. Since they were so large, I was able to build up a bit of a stock with many different varieties.

I don't consider myself an expert in the field of baby food making but what I did was simple, easy, affordable, MUCH healthier, and it worked well for us. I'm not going to get into nutrition and other info just basics of what we did.

My Tools:

1. Steamer (Microwave, electric steamer, stove top)
2. Food processor (I used The Magic Bullet-esp. good for daily making, blender or food mill)
3. Storage Containers (these can be Ziploc baggies, BPA free plastic containers, ice cube tray then plastic bag, freezing cubes etc...)

This baby steams and blends in one product
(for the low low price of $150- OK that part sucks)


STEP 1: Steam
Steam until tender

STEP 2: Blend
Blend until desired consistency. Super smooth for beginning eaters.

STEP 3. Freeze/Refrigerate
Let cool place in baggies, ice trays, freezing cubes or containers, then freeze.*
Let cool place in baggies, ice trays, freezing cubes or containers, then refrigerate.**

* Freeze up to 3 months (do not re-freeze once frozen)
** Refrigerate up to 5 days

Use breast milk, formula, juice from steaming to thin down the blended product.

Don't add spices. Baby doesn't need it and wont know it's "missing."

NITRATES- Wait to introduce foods high in nitrates (Carrots, beets, green beans, spinach etc.) and do not add back water from steaming with these foods.

Bananas and avocado you can just blend or smash & serve.

OTHER PRODUCTS USED: (All photos link to item)

Links to additional info on baby food making:



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