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Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Irony

I grabbed all of our library books and put them on the bed to read them to Zorro before nap time. Our theme was Butterflies & Bugs so all of our books were bug books. I got into bed and then saw this:



Yes, that's a dead fly. RIGHT next to all of our bug books. DOUBLE EW! Seriously though, how ironic is that? It's not like I ever see dead flies in the house...especially on my bed...especially next to all the bug books!!!! WHAT THE HECK!? I even super spring cleaned the room the day before! NOT JOKING! (ask my mom she HELPED!)

This week we are reading about dinos. I hope I don't see one of those on my bed...(ya that was lame).


Jolanthe said...

Gotta love it. The real test is - did you save it to examine? :) We have a growing collection {as yucky as that is to me}. My kids are fascinated by them.

But I agree....EWWW!

Keri said...

YIKES! i am not a spider, bug, insect, even ant person. I have run upstairs screaming loudly when we had a handful of ants in our basement last summer. what can i say- i am very squeamish and quite dramatic! i love your bit at the end about the dinos on your bed- i laughed out loud at that!! too funny!!

K, @ Heart NOW Orange Juice! said...

No! I didn't save that nasty little creature...That's what separates the pros from the rookies, I NEVER would have thought to save a fly for later examination. :)

Keri said...

i don't think i would have the stomach to save the fly even if my kiddos were pleading to keep it.... the fly needs to be in a better place (AKA the garbage can)

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