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Friday, May 15, 2009

Jo-Anns Fabrics- Kids Crafts Clearance

OH MY GOSH! I went to Jo-Anns yesterday with my mother in law to get some fabric and as usual I checked out the kids crafts and the dollar things to see if there was something we could use for Zorro. I was VERY pleasantly surprised to find 2 rows of clearanced items of kids crafts WOO HOO! We could have gotten WAY more but most was a bit too old for Zorro right now. There's some great craft kits for older kids!

Here is some of what we got:
Tub O Faomies (shapes & letters) $2! (orig: $7.99)
Cool Foam Art Kit (Zoo) $1! (orig $5)
Several other art kits mostly foam ones but not all $.50 (from $2)
Stuff-a-saurus $2 orig 17.99!!!

I got several other items like fabrics etc. And used a 40% off coupon on a non discounted item. In the end I spent $20 SAVED $40!!!! That's the kinds sales I like!

If you're thinking about checking it out go ASAP! The things are FLYING off the shelves but you might still find some fun stuff.


pucktricks said...

What a score! I love the blankie idea too, great plan!

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