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Thursday, June 4, 2009

6 UnimportantThings That Make Me Happy- TAG

I have just been tagged by Alicia at

It Ain't Easy Being Cheesy

Alicia is FUNNY AS HECK! Definitely a new fave for me.
She's totally sarcastic and a seriously funny sense of humor as she writes "stream of conscious" style. LOVE IT!

This post, "Chocolate Covered Midol" ROCKS!

TAG: What 6 Unimportant Things Make Me Happy?

1. SHOPPING!!!!!!!! I can can SHOP you OUT! I'm all about Retail THERAPY. I don't window shop it's TORTURE. As Zorro would say, "I WAN IT, I WAN IT, I WAAAAAAAAAAAN IT!"

2. See's Candy's


5. Grey's Anatomy MWAH!

6. Housekeepers. I don't have one but they make happy! Any cleaning I DON'T have to do makes me REALLY happy!

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Alicia said...

It's all about the murder she wrote! it's on weeknights on the hallmark channel!! as for retail therapy, is there any other kind?! and see's nuts and chews....those are going to be the death of me!! thanks for the bloggy love!!

Miller Moments said...

Thank you for tagging me! I love that kind of stuff. I'll get my list up by tomorrow. :) Have a good weekend!

DairyQueen said...

Cool tag! Love your list!

I'm so with you on the housekeeper!

I'm working on a post for my tags!

Thanks for including me :)

Terra said...

Thanks for the tag! Retail therapy makes me happy too.

Looks like Miller Moments has been tagged twice cause I just tagged her.

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