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Saturday, November 14, 2009


This week we had lots of fun with Itty-Bitty Bookworm Curriculum as we read the ever familiar book, Goodnight Moon BY: Margaret Wise Brown.

This week was full of more activities rather than crafts and it was a fun change. Zorro absolutely loved it!

Just a few of the many things we did included coloring a moon printout then later "Jumping over the moon." Totally simple and so much fun! He was full of the giggles. 

We made "A bowl full of mush." He had lots of fun with this! He loves cooking activities and we never make "mush" or oatmeal or anything even remotely like it. (BARF!) Zorro would never eat it when he was little(er) and well, you couldn't pay me eat it. But I had lots on hand anyway from prior attempts to get him to eat it so we broke it out and guess what?....


Zorro thinks it's a tasty treat. So we'll be making "mush" more often.

Lastly and completely unrelated we came occross this awesomeness:

An inchworm (can you see it?) was in our CSA basket. SO FUN! I've never seen one before and Z was so into it. Of course I had to thwart his attempts at mass destruction when his hand came crashing down a time or two to "smash it." But the little worm lives on...

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Susana said...

I do see the inchworm and that bowl full of mush is a really fun idea!

Ticia said...

All you have to do is add brown sugar and it tastes really good, just ask my little Princess......
Fun ideas, and love the idea of jumping over the moon.

Katie Lane said...

Goodnight Moon was my favorite book as a child :)

Raising a Happy Child said...

We eat quite a lot of "mush" here - I am glad that Zorro enjoyed it. Fun day!

Rachel said...

Sounds like fun! Love how he "lived out" the book!

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