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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Birthday To A Special Someone!

Today is a super special birthday!!!

Nope, not mine. Aunt Nessa's!

"Aunt Nessa" is Zorro's name for my sister-in-law. Even though she lives in another state Zorro talks about her all the time. It's pretty darn cute.

Aunt Nessa has been one of the most supportive, helpful and understanding people in my life especially these last few years as D has been going through law school. Having put her husband through med school, having a very coliky baby herself, suffering from depression and anxiety and just in general "having been through it too" she has been one of the most important people in my life.

Our husbands (bros) are like twins separated by a few years. It's SCARY! They say the same things have the same mannerisms and yet, rarely talk although they would tell you they are like best friends. When I feel crazy I know I can tell Aunt Nessa, she will totally know what I am talking about and we can agree, it's not us who are the crazy ones. It's definitely them. LOL

I have learned a lot from her as I have gotten to know her more and more over the last few years. One of the biggest lessons I have earned has been generosity. I always considered myself to be generous to an extent but she showed me generosity on a different level. "Giving" should be her middle name. She gives time, money, gifts, whatever people need. Even when she may not really have it to give. She cares about and looks after all of her friends and family. Even in times of crisis she doesn't forget others. That's a rare quality.

Aunt Nessa is also naughty and taunts me with photos and stories of treats that I can't have because she lives too far away. But at least she makes it up to me by cutting and coloring my hair whenever I see her. ;)

Thank you Aunt Nessa for your love and support. I have told you before and I will tell you again and again...
We couldn't have come this far without you. You are truly an amazing and special woman. I am lucky to have you in my life. EVERYONE is lucky to have you in their lives!

I hope you have a fabulous birthday!!!!!!!


Ticia said...

What a truly awesome tribute to her! I bet she'll be thrilled to read this.

Daisygirl said...

That is so sweet! I hope she reads this, she sounds like a fabulous friend and sis in law ;)

Venessa said...

Kristi! YOU are so naughty! Thank you for all the WAY TOO KIND words about little OLD me! ;) You have been an amazing friend and a true sister to me! The things that you have helped me through the last few years are immeasurable and I will forever be grateful for your support. . . . . now WHAT do we do about those husbands of ours?!?! LOL

Love you sis! Ness

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