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Friday, June 19, 2009

ABC & 123 Picnic Table Talk- Out and About

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This week's picnic table talk is about how we keep out children occupied and happy when we are out and about.

Do you really want to know?


OK so I'm only partly serious.

Actually, there's a few things we do.

FOR CAR RIDES: We keep at least 1 book in the car within Zorro's reach so he can look at it whenever he wants. He actually loves that.

Z has a "car bag" that I pack with "car toys" that he can only have when he's in the car like a book, some cars, a few toys and paper with pencils.

When it's going to be a long one I usually buy those magic marker kits where they can color with a clear marker that only shows up on the paper.

We also used to have a DVD player but it broke. If we have to make a LONG trip though, we will by a new one for sure.

*I NEVER have and will not allow crayons are regular markers or pens in the car. It's Magic markers or colored pencils only!*

MIGHT I REMIND YOU OF THIS sharpie incident?

We keep a stash of his cars EVERYWHERE! Even in my purse.

FOR THE DR'S: I have a Dr kit that S takes with him to play Dr. He is so fascinated by all the tools that it's hard to control him so in order to keep him occupied I bring the DR kit and let him plat dr on me or a stuffed animal.

If it's a particularly hard trip to the Drs, we have a stash of NEW $1 cars that we keep as prizes so he can pick one out AFTER as long as he listened.

When all else fails I keep Dum Dums in my purse. ;)
We're not anti-cany just anti-crayons.

I am really looking foreward to reading peoples ideas!


Susana said...

As usual, fun ideas from you!! By the way, I am hosting a Funky Artist Paint Set Giveaway on my homeschool blog that runs until next Thursday. Make sure and stop by and enter, a few ways to earn extra entries as well. Feel free to spread the word. I also have giveaways lined up for the next 3 weeks!!

Can't wait to see your next theme box!

Mama King said...

I forgot to list lollipops too! They are always the last resort! Great list!

Jenny said...

I remember crayons melting in the car when we were younger and my dad would be so mad! That's why I loved the twistable crayons. They don't stain or melt!

LOL about the candy. I was just thinking back to when I was a kid and my sister and I would fill up one of her big purses with candy, dixie cups and water. We weren't allowed to eat or drink in the car, so we'd cover ourselves with a blanket and sneak our snacks.

My parents had no idea we did this until we told them much later! LOL!

We used to hide away treats from all of the holidays to stuff into her purse for our yearly vacation.

The memories!

michelle said...

Candy, lol! I avoid it at all cost. The last thing I need is 5 kids on a sugar high. oh my. Seriously, though, I see your point. . . it is nice to give them something to keep them happy. :-)

Diana said...

It is so funny that you mentioned the dum dums and cars in your purse at all times. That is so my life. Seriously, if you could look in my purse, you would know I'm telling the truth. You cannot go wrong with a $1.00 Hot Wheel or candy! I also will NOT bring crayons in the car. I grew up with a station van that REEKED of melted crayons for years... Thanks for the fun ideas.

Alicia said...

We definitely do the cars and if push comes to shove we do the candy. But normally a snack does the trick...who doesn't love chex mix?!

mommytoalot said...

Great ideas...We found out the hard way with pens.....mmmm we have coloured seat belts and seats..
So now...i'm going to go get some of those markers that only show up on wonder paper.
thanks again for another informative and funny post

Anonymous said...

Good ideas! I am not anti-candy either, but we don't eat in the car. The plane rides, however, should be a fair game :) I'll make sure to get a couple of lollipops as last resort when we are flying in August.

Katie said...

Love the candy comment! I often stop at the gas station for the free popcorn when the kids have had it in the husband doesn't appreciate that mess, but it does work!

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