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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Field Trip - Environmental Nature Center (Butterflies and Bugs)

I spent HOURS looking for a place that had a butterfly house to take Zorro to this week.
I happened upon this website which I almost dismissed but I decided to check it out anyway.

Amazing huh? The different "cocoons" from the different butterflies in the house.

Lets play I Spy...Can you see the 2 kissing butterflies hiding in this picture?

They were JUST opening up their Butterfly house for the season and having an "Eco Fair" to kick it off. Honestly, I didn't expect much and I was so surprised how great the event was. It was 100% a children's event! I thought it would be like a few things for kids that weren't so great (you know the kind of events I'm talking about).

There were something like 10 plus tables with crafts and things for kids, face painting a scavenger hunt, coloring pages, etc etc. Z wasn't into doing the projects there but NO WORRIES! I got all the projects we could do at home with all the parts and Incorporated them into our weekly theme box. YEYA! Ready made crafts save me time and money! While there he planted his own little "butterfly flower" and got "buggies" painted on his hands.

On top of the super fun event, they have a great facility! You'll have to check out their site (link on their logo above). He loved it! We will be back for sure

Snake touching and hand painting

By the way if anyone knows of a better way to search for local places please do tell!!!!


pucktricks said...

Have you tried looking at your local Chamber of Commerce? That might have some good suggestions. Also, local Museums often will have listings of different places you can go.

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