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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Itty Bitty Bookworm- The Gingerbread Man

This week we continue with Itty-Bitty Bookworm Curriculum (Bo Year 1) and ushered in the Holiday's with The Gingerbread Man.
I can't tell you what fun we had with this! This has been my favorite week so far! I am totally loving how each week and all the activities included are fresh and new. The activities are endless and well rounded! 
Our favorite activitiy this week was making The 5 Senses Gingerbread Man book!!!!! SO AWESOME!
Each day he worked on a different sense and each page had a different approach to decorating the page.

We love it so much that we made several others but instead of as a book we represented the 5 senses on a single sheet to give as a gift for the grandparents.

We also enjoyed some music time with our instruments and songs provided by Itty-Bitty Bookworm and a few more. Zorro is really getting into instruments and a few times he asked me to sing and play the instruments while he danced! That's HUGE! In fact I have a blog post from exactly 1 year ago to prove it! READ HERE
We did a lot of play-doh gingerbread man making.

Practiced cutting. He LOVES cutting but is not good at it. Just too impatient to follow the lines. He doesn't get that from me...Ahem.

 I made him a gingerbread man sandwich for lunch and he loved it.

We made gingerbread cupcakes from a mix at Trader Joes and will make gingerbread cookies also from that mix later in the month.

We practiced counting a lot! He can count but still doesn't understand the representation of it and has trouble identifying the numbers. I really can't figure out how to get past that right now. Any ideas?

And SOOOOOOO much more...

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Rose said...

The gingerbread shaped sandwich is so cute. Such a creative addition to a gingerbread theme.

Ticia said...

We're struggling with the same thing. One thing that was working yesterday was playing a game with stickers and dice. I made a grid of 50 squares (which was too many for attention span, but 20 would probably be perfect). Then they'd roll a die and put however many stickers on that they rolled. First one to X wins. It was wildly popular because we used Christmas stickers. Everything's better if it's Christmas.

Keri said...

boy- i am so jealous! it sounds like i got the wrong itty bitty bookworm level- the activities for my Boo are just too easy for her!
number sense can be tricky- i think the important thing is that you consistently work on it- just a little each day. also find something that he is interested in and try to make that a teaching tool- for example, if he is into trucks, model counting a group of toy trucks, have him show you, and then let him engage in some free play with the trucks (little work, mostly play!) and all the while you are with the trucks, you could say things like "2 trucks are going to get you!" " or "1 truck disappeared" or " there are 3 red trucks" another idea is to roll a dice (use a numeral dice if you have one) and lets say the number is 3, then run around the table 3 times (counting out loud of course) or jump up and down like a monkey 3 times, or clap hands 3 times.. things like that. i have also found that making up silly and ridiculous songs can help too. if you wanted to work on the number 5, you could sing "5-5- lets count to 5- 1-2-3-4-5- do the jive- 5-5- what has 5? 5 fingers on your hand, 5 toes on your foot, 5 people in our family 5-5-lets do the jive" ok that might be a bad example (its all i could come up with on the spot) i am SO rambling on this comment! but i have ideas flowing so i have to write 'em down! one more idea (i promise) my daughter is getting a KICK out of our little wooden advent calendar (there are little doors w/numbers on them, and inside we place a treat) this would be A GREAT teaching tool all year long- you could hide a treat behind the 7 door and say, go find 7 and you get a surprise! and maybe give him 3 chances to find it. just a thought!!!!
love ya!!!

Miller Moments said...

Love this book! In fact we are reading it today and making gingerbread men. You have some great ideas here!

Jenny said...

love the sandwich. what age level is this curriculum for?

Tara Rison said...

I am so glad you enjoyed The Gingerbread Man unit. My friend Kathy wrote it and I think she did an awesome job.

Enjoy the holidays!

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